• Running a kubernetes cluster locally with kubeadm

    I’m going to show you how to get a real kubernetes cluster setup locally on top of virtual machines! I’ll be using multipass but feel free to use virtualbox, proxmox, or whatever your favorite cloud provider is.

    kubeadm a production ready kubernetes install tool and I prefer to use it over minikube, kind, etc. because it gives you a more real world experience for managing the k...

  • AWS From Scratch with Terraform - Setting up your Root Account for IaC with Terraform Cloud and Github actions.

    Following this article will get you setup with an AWS Root account that can be managed through through Terraform Cloud with OIDC and github actions. As a best practice you should not keep long-lived access keys in your CI/CD pipelines when deploying to AWS, instead you should use OIDC (OpenID Connect) to securely deploy to AWS when using Terraform Cloud or Github Actions.