• Wiping an AWS Account with aws-nuke

    When you're an SRE/DevOps engineer you'll end up making AWS accounts and create a lot of cruft in your sandbox and development accounts. AWS does not make it easy to clear these up but there is a tool called aws-nuke that will do it for you!

  • How to speak spanish like a colombian drug lord!

    I've been living in Puerto Rico for 4 years but two of those have been COVID and so I haven't been able to practice Spanish as much as I'd like. So to speed up my learning I've decided I want to watch a lot of spanish speaking television to start training my ears, but to do this I need a baseline...

  • Running a kubernetes cluster locally with kubeadm

    I’m going to show you how to get a real kubernetes cluster setup locally on top of virtual machines! I’ll be using multipass but feel free to use virtualbox, proxmox, or whatever your favorite cloud provider is.

    kubeadm a production ready kubernetes install tool and I prefer to use it ove...

  • Automate project workflows with the command runner Just!

    I believe every project should have a CLI built around the standard workflows of developing on the project. Things like:

    • Install dependencies
    • Run tests
    • Run linter and formatters
    • Build project
    • Start / Stop the docker environment

    The r...

  • Use asdf to manage Python, NodeJS, GoLang and more!

    asdf is a general purpose version manager that can manage versions of most programming language runtimes through a set of plugins.